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Extract knowledge from your texts

Extract knowledge from your texts

Keep relevant informations, let go of redudancies.

Give a priority to contents

Organize it in various re-reading levels, different in lenght and depth.

Give a priority to contents

Supercharge your reading!

Kjuicer is made for:

Organize what you write

Organize what you write

Assign a priority to content while you write it, for you and your readers.

Share your work

In private with friends and coworkers, on your website or with the rest of the world.

Share your work

Become a reading Superhero!

Kjuicer is a great contribution to the world

Alex, The Netherlands

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About us

Kjuicer is for everyone who believes that learning should be easier.

Kjuicer is an innovative startup based in Milan, Italy. It was founded by Giampaolo Ferradini and Francesco Frassinelli in 2015, with the mission of improving the way humans learn, share, and handle information. If you want to know more about how to conquer more knowledge like a superhero follow us on our blog (or on Medium) and on our social networks.