Kjuicer editor now available

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Kjuicer editor now available

Write and summarize better with Kjuicer

We are very happy to announce that Kjuicer has a new feature available: a text editor with all Kjuicer functionalities! From now on, if you desire to highlight and juice a text - that’s how we say summarize in more that one level of depth - that is not present on the web, you will not need anymore to upload it into Kjuicer; you will be able to simply write it into our editor, or copy and paste text into it. Naturally it is then possible to share the results of your work with just one click.

In addition, we have another news to share with you: from today you will not be compelled tu use Google in order to log in Kjuicer. Who prefers to use Google will be able to continue logging in with it, but for the others it is available a new registration and access procedure through Kjuicer.

Kjuicer editor: what is it and how to use it

You can find the new feature already in the menu under My papers. After the creation of a new document you will find a very simple text editor that has also an important feature: colours to highlight what you write. These colours haven’t just the function of highlighting text but also of giving priority to the content. Colours are the ones that will create the summary in different priority levels of your text.

Into the editor, you can choose to write visualizing only your paper or with the preview next to it. At any time, in the preview, you can choose to visualize the final result of the complete text or to check how a colour level of your choice would be seen. When you desire it, you can also move to preview mode in full screen.

If you are connected to the Internet changes will be saved in real time, so that you won’t ever need to worry about losing your work. You can verify that saving has occurred looking the cloud on the left: if it’s green, that means that your changes have been saved successfully.

In what is Kjuicer editor different from other ones?

Thanks to the Kjuicer editor whoever writes or works on texts, who has also the need to reread it or to show it in a summarized version, can create documents with the summary already integrated, deciding while he writes them what priority degree give to different pieces of information.

A complex report or a contractual document will be (re)readable in a few moments to find or revise most important contents, having always pieces of information concerning a more detailed level just one click away. For example a student’s notes this way will be already summarized, and for the student it will be easier to revise in different moments preceding the test: the longest version a few days before, and the shortest summary the morning of the test.

Kjuicer editor is very useful also to whoever writes blog posts, reports or article of different genres, even if he doesn’t need to show to others the summary, or if he doesn’t need to have it for himself: every writer of professional, publicity or narrative documents knows the importance of understanding the priority of content he writes, to cut where words aren’t needed or to improve the style of its text. With Kjuicer editor you could highlight priorities with colours and see in one click which are redundant parts to cut or to improve.

Free or premium plan? How to choose what does best for you

As a free user, you can create and work on a maximum of ten documents at a time. If you like the feature and you want to enjoy it more, you can:

  • go premium (which includes lots of additional features);

  • purchase a limited period of editor usage: you can choose between a day, a week, a month or a year;

  • publish with Kjuicer blog posts on your website, purchasing credits corresponding to visualisations.

You can have a look to different purchasing options, or sign up to receive updates when they’re going to be available. Also Assolombarda used Kjuicer to publish their report on Sustainable Mobility: this is the result.

Now you just need to try Kjuicer editor, and sign up if you didn’t already: if you want to tell us what do you think about these new features or if you have left some doubts on their usage, you can contact us at info@kjuicer.com.